Cristina Sorina Petre

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This paper presents studies and early results with the scope to build a robust spontaneous speech recognition system in Romanian language. We have tried to give solutions to several issues that have arisen like building a large and accurate database within a reasonable time. A short description of the database is given and some statistics are collected in(More)
BACKGROUND The Romanian HIV epidemic is characterized by a high prevalence among children born in the late '80s, perinatally infected. The impact of long-term treatment on their offspring is unknown. We evaluated the influence of prenatal care on the rate of premature birth among the HIV-exposed children of heavily treated HIV-infected mothers in two(More)
Objective: to identify types of birth defects in HIV vertically exposed children and to determine the rate of congenital disorders counted in children born to HIV infected mothers. We analyzed the data recorded for HIV perinatally exposed children followed up in the National Institute for Infectious Diseases " Prof. Dr. Matei Balş " , Bucharest, the(More)
INTRODUCTION During the recent years the rate of HIV perinatally exposed children in Romania has increased as a consequence of the expanding number of HIV-infected women. These women belong to Romania's long-terms survivors, aged between 20 and 24 years and to the group of new HIV infection cases (20-24 years), acquired through unsafe sexual contact and use(More)