Cristina Siegerist

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The very largest parallel particle simulations, for problems involving six dimensional phase space, generate vast quantities of data. It is desirable to store such enormous datasets efficiently and also to share data effortlessly between data analysis tools such as PartView [1] and extensions to AVS/Express among other groups who are working on(More)
Reproducible images of uncoated DNA in the atomic force microscope (AFM) have been obtained by imaging plasmid DNA on mica in n-propanol. Specially sharpened AFM tips give images with reproducible features several nanometers in size along the DNA. Plasmids can be dissected in propanol by increasing the force applied by the AFM tip at selected locations.
Significant problems facing all experimental and computational sciences arise from growing data size and complexity. Common to all these problems is the need to perform efficient data I/O on diverse computer architectures. In our scientific application, the largest parallel particle simulations generate vast quantities of six-dimensional data. Such a(More)
  • R D Ryne, J Qiang, E W Bethel, I Pogorelov, J Shalf, C Siegerist +2 others
  • 2006
MARYLIE/IMPACT (ML/I) is a hybrid code that combines the beam optics capabilities of MARYLIE with the parallel Particle-In-Cell capabilities of IMPACT. In addition to combining the capabilities of these codes, ML/I has a number of powerful features, including a choice of Poisson solvers, a fifth-order rf cavity model, multiple reference particles for rf(More)
SciDAC has had a major impact on computational beam dynamics and the design of particle accelerators. Particle accelerators-which account for half of the facilities in the DOE Office of Science Facilities for the Future of Science 20 Year Outlook-are crucial for US scientific, industrial, and economic competitiveness. Thanks to SciDAC, accelerator design(More)
In 3D particle simulations, the generated 6D phase space data can be very large due to the need for accurate statistics, sufficient noise attenuation in the field solver and tracking of many turns in ring machines or accelerators. There is a need for distributed applications that allow users to pe-ruse these extremely large remotely located datasets with(More)
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