Cristina S Ortiz

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FtsZ, a GTPase distributed in the cytoplasm of most bacteria, is the major component of the machinery responsible for division (the divisome) in Escherichia coli. It interacts with additional proteins that contribute to its function forming a ring at the midcell that is essential to constrict the membrane. FtsZ is indirectly anchored to the membrane and it(More)
BACKGROUND The Borderline Symptom List-23 (BSL-23) is a reliable and valid self-report instrument for assessing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) severity. The psychometric properties of the original version have proven to be adequate. The aim of the present study was to validate the Spanish language version of the BSL-23. METHODS The BSL-23 was(More)
Bacterial cell division involves a contractile ring that organises downstream proteins at the division site and which contains the tubulin homologue FtsZ. ZapC has been discovered as a non-essential regulator of FtsZ. It localises to the septal ring and deletion of zapC leads to a mild phenotype, while overexpression inhibits cell division. Interference(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the overall population impact of primary prevention strategies (promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of smoking and use of vascular risk drug therapy) of coronary disease in Spain. DESIGN Ecological time series analysis, 1982-2009. SETTING All public and private hospitals in Spain. PARTICIPANTS General population. OUTCOME(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm birth (PTB) refers to delivery before 37 weeks of gestation and represents the leading cause of early-life mortality and morbidity in developed countries. PTB can lead to serious infant health outcomes. The etiology of PTB remains uncertain, but epidemiologic studies have consistently shown elevated risks with different environmental(More)
BACKGROUND The Low Temperature Days (LTD) have attracted far less attention than that of High Temperature Days (HTD), though its impact on mortality is at least comparable. This lower degree of attention may perhaps be due to the fact that its influence on mortality is less pronounced and longer-term, and that there are other concomitant infectious winters(More)
A rapid, reliable and specific UV spectrophotometric method was developed to determine Phenilpropanolamine Hydrochloride (I), Caffeine (II) and Diazepam (III) formulated in tablets. This method was validated and compared with a liquid chromatography (LC) procedure used for the simultaneous quantitative analysis of the drugs. The established linearity ranges(More)
OBJECTIVE Preventive dental visits for preschool-aged children can result in better oral health outcomes, especially for children from lower income families. Many children, however, still do not see a dentist for preventive visits. This qualitative study examined the potential for the Extended Parallel Process Model (EPPM) to be used to uncover potential(More)
A number of studies have shown that there is a time trend towards a reduction in the effects of heat on mortality. In the case of cold, however, there is practically no research of this type and so there is no clearly defined time trend of the impact of cold on mortality. Furthermore, no other specific studies have yet analysed the time trend of the impact(More)
Triarylmethane and thiazine dyes have attracted attention as anticancer and antimicrobial agents, due to their structural features and selective localizations. Although these dyes have been initially explored in the context of photodynamic therapy, some of these such as New Fuchsin and Azure B have still not been extensively investigated. For this reason,(More)