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The paper analyses the entry strategies of software firms that adopt the Open Source production model. A new definition of business model is proposed. Empirical evidence, based on an exploratory survey taken on 146 Italian software firms * , shows that firms adapted to an environment dominated by incumbent standards by combining Open Source and proprietary(More)
1. Introduction Stallman proposed a revolutionary idea in 1984 with the " Free Software Foundation " , subsequently confirmed in 1998 in the " Open Source Definition 1 ". The key concept is that there should be unrestricted access to computer programming codes: anyone should be placed in the position to use and modify them and circulate any modification(More)
Intrinsic motivations and profit-oriented firms in Open Source software. Do firms practise what they preach? A growing body of economic literature is exploring the incentives of the agents involved in the Open Source movement. However, most empirical analyses focus on individual developers and neglect firms that do business with Open Source software (Open(More)
This paper contributes to the literature on Open Source (OS) by providing empirical evidence on the incentives of firms that engage in the field. Data collected by a survey on 146 Italian companies supplying OS solutions (<i>Open Source firms</i>) show that (surprisingly) intrinsic, community-based incentives do play a role but are not, in general, put into(More)
During the '60s and the '70s, basically all software was Open Source and everyone was allowed to copy, modify and redistribute computer programs. When software ceased to be hardware-specific and the diffusion of computers took off, firms started to produce software independently from hardware and to protect their code through intellectual property rights.(More)
This paper studies the contributions to Open Source projects of software firms. Our goal is to analyse whether they follow the same regularities that characterize the behaviour of individual programmers. An exhaustive empirical analysis is carried out using data on project membership, project coordination and contribution efforts of 146 Italian firms that(More)
The aim of this study was to quantitatively assess the field strength dependence of the transverse relaxation rate (R(2) *) change in cortical gray matter induced by hyperoxia and hyperoxic hypercapnia versus normoxia in an intra-individual comparison of young healthy volunteers. Medical air (21% O(2) ), pure oxygen and carbogen (95% O(2) , 5% CO(2) ) were(More)