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Why Open Source Software Can Succeed
The paper discusses three key economic problems raised by the emergence and diffusion of Open source software: motivation, coordination, and diffusion under a dominant standard. First, the movementExpand
Why Crowdfunding Projects Can Succeed: The Role of Proponents’ Individual and Territorial Social Capital
Purpose – Crowdfunding implies mobilizing the crowd to finance projects which are posted on dedicated websites, known as crowdfunding platforms. Funding is provided by web users in exchange for someExpand
Licensing Schemes in the Production and Distribution of Open Source Software: An Empirical Investigation
This paper aims at testing several theoretical hypotheses advanced by the literature on Open Source licenses. Expand
Crowdfunding: The New Frontier for Financing Entrepreneurship?
This paper aims to take stock of the extant knowledge on an emerging practice in the entrepreneurial finance landscape: crowdfunding, which seems to play an increasing important role for the seedExpand
Contributing to the Common Pool Resources in Open Source Software. A Comparison between Individuals and Firms
This paper studies the contributions to Open Source projects of software firms. Expand
Comparing Motivations of Individual Programmers and Firms to Take Part in the Open Source Movement. From Community to Business
The first urgent question for any scholar willing to study the Open Source (OS) movement has been clearly put by Glass (1999, 104): I don’t know who these crazy people are who want to write, read andExpand
Adaptive Entry Strategies Under Dominant Standards - Hybrid Business Models in the Open Source Software Industry
We present a model of adoption that studies the intra-firm diffusion of the new paradigm. Expand
Altruistic Individuals, Selfish Firms? The Structure of Motivation in Open Source Software
A growing body of economic literature is addressing the incentives of the individuals that take part to the Open Source movement. However, empirical analyses focus on individual developers andExpand
Intrinsic Motivations and Profit-Oriented Firms in Open Source Software: Do Firms Practise What They Preach?
A growing body of economic literature is exploring the incentives of the agents involved in the Open Source movement. Expand
How Universities Contribute to the Creation of Knowledge Intensive Firms: Detailed Evidence on the Italian Case
Using information on new knowledge intensive firms (KIFs) and universities in Italy, this chapter explores whether and how new KIFs creation at the local level depends on university presence. WeExpand