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Web search engines are tools employed to find specific information in the Internet. However, they also represent a threat for the privacy of their users. This happens because the web search engines store and analyze the personal information that the users reveal in their queries. In order to avoid this privacy threat, it is necessary to provide mechanisms(More)
The Internet is a huge repository of information. Web search engines are a basic tool for finding and accessing all this information. However, these tools might also be a threat for the privacy of their users. This happens because users frequently reveal private information in their queries. Web search engines gather this personal data, store it during a(More)
Web search engines (WSEs) are tools that allow users to retrieve specific contents from the Internet. However, during this process, users' queries and related information (e.g., query time, browser type, etc.) are stored and analyzed in the WSE database. The stored logs may contain sensitive infor-there are several proposals that try to address this(More)
—Los motores de b ´ usqueda son herramientas que per-miten encontrar información en Internet. Sin embargo, pueden también representar una amenaza para la privacidad de sus usuarios, ya que almacenan y analizan la información personal que los usuarios revelan al hacer sus consultas. Para evitar este problema de seguridad, es necesario proporcionar mecanismos(More)
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