Cristina Randall

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We report a Doppler optical cardiogram gating technique for increasing the effective frame rate of Doppler optical coherence tomography (DOCT) when imaging periodic motion as found in the cardiovascular system of embryos. This was accomplished with a Thorlabs swept-source DOCT system that simultaneously acquired and displayed structural and Doppler images(More)
Although there is interest in forming synthetic analogs of hard tissues at physiologic temperature, significant gaps in knowledge exist with respect to the mechanisms by which precursor solids convert to apatites and also with respect to the apatite compositions that may be formed. In this study calcium-deficient HAp [Ca9(HPO4)(PO4)5OH] was prepared by(More)
For many years channel spectra, caused by multiple reflections of light between the faces of flat samples of optical material, have been used to determine refractive indices. Interferometers are excellent for this measurement, particularly in the far ir spectral region where their superior sensitivity and spectral resolution are required. The theory of the(More)
The interferograms obtained in Fourier transform spectroscopy should be sampled with the minimum frequency allowed by the sampling theorem. This combines the best signal-to-noise ratio with the most efficient use of interferometer operation time. As is well known, all the information contained in the interferogram can be obtained by the calculation of the(More)
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