Cristina Quesada

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The use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has been suggested to have a chemopreventive effect against colon carcinoma, through the inhibition of cyclooxygenases 1 and 2, in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis and in animal models. Acarbose, an alpha-glycosidase inhibitor, may also be chemopreventive. In order to examine the effects of these(More)
The results of treatment of intermittent claudication by a physical training programmed during 30 to 45 days in a rehabilitation center, are assessed on 148 patients of whom 105 have followed a full program at first (32 cases) or after surgery (73 cases). Ankle pressures are not altered. Irrigraphy shows a significant increase of 10 to 14% of the proximal(More)
Electromyogram studies were conducted in 55 patients with the thoracic outlet syndrome, together with the motor nerve conduction velocity (M.N.C.V) in the median cubital nerves, between the Erb's point and axilla and in the upper limb. Distal S.N.C.V. was measured in 19 cases. Proximal nerve compression was confirmed in 29% of cases, with associated carpal(More)
The authors report their experience of 30 mesenterico-caval anastomoses with prosthetic interposition according to Drapanas's technic. From the point of view of the operative indications, they have never carried out a prophylactic operation. In 19 cases, the operation was carried out as an emergency for inefficacy of the medical treatment. In 11 cases, a(More)
The authors report their experience of isotopic angiography as means of post-operative control in peripheral vascular surgery in 200 cases. This investigation is very simple and non-traumatic. It gives very satisfactory morphological information and a good idea of the hemodynamics of the acts carried out.
The authors present 39 carotid lesions from various and sometimes unusual origins: ski accident, cervical irradiation. The lesions have a preferential topography according to etiology: internal carotid for blunt trauma and arteriographic lesions, common carotid for penetrating injuries, common and bifurcation for X-ray lesions. Arteriography and surgical(More)