Cristina Proietti

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In this paper, the design, fabrication, and test of high-efficiency, high-power C-band harmonic-tuned power amplifiers in GaN technology is reported. The amplifier has been designed utilizing second-harmonic tuning for high-efficiency operation, thus exploiting the high-breakdown voltage peculiarity of GaN-based devices. Realized in a hybrid form, the(More)
The 2D Cellular Automata model, MAGFLOW, simulates lava flows and an algorithm based on the Monte Carlo approach solves the an-isotropic flow direction problem. The model was applied to reproduce a lava flow formed during the 2001 Etna eruption. This eruption provided the opportunity to verify the ability of MAGFLOW to simulate the path of lava flows which(More)
In this article the design, fabrication and test of X-band and 2-18 GHz wideband high power SPDT MMIC switches in GaN technology are presented. Said switches have demonstrated state-of-the-art performance and RF fabrication yields better than 65%. In particular the X-band switch exhibits an on-state power handling capability of better than 37 dBm at the 1(More)
The development of a MMIC HPA designed for X-band radar applications is reported. The chip was fabricated with a low-cost 0.4 mum GaAs PHEMT process and is composed of two stages, with a final stage of 16 mm gate-width periphery. In the frequency bandwidth 8.5-11 GHz, the HPA delivers an output power of 8 W @ 3dB compression point, with an associated PAE of(More)
The development of a compact S/C-band PHEMT MMIC power amplifier is reported. The MMIC is a single-biased two-stages HPA with a 15 mm gate-width output transistor. In the 3.5-4.0 GHz frequency bandwidth, CW output power is 39.0 plusmn 0.25 dBm, associated gain is 16.5 plusmn 0.25 and PAE ranges from 30 to 35 %; in pulsed operation mode (10% duty cycle), for(More)
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