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Human papillomavirus genotype distribution in cervical cancer cases in Spain. Implications for prevention.
A major impact of HPV vaccines on reduction of ICC burden in Spain in the HPV vaccinated cohorts is suggested. Expand
Molecular markers of endometrial carcinoma detected in uterine aspirates
The discovery of molecular biomarkers of EC are presented and their utility in uterine aspirates is described and represents the basis for the development of a highly sensitive and specific minimally invasive method for screening ECs. Expand
Comparison of 2 Different PCR-Based Technologies for the Detection of Human Papilloma Virus from Paraffin-Embedded Tissue: Genómica Clinical Arrays Versus SPF10-LiPA25
LiPA25 SPF10-PCR technology may be more adequate than Genómica for the detection of HPV DNA when using FFPE tissue and an important difference between 2 PCR-based methods for detection and genotyping of HPV is highlighted. Expand
Evaluation of p16INK4a Overexpression in a Large Series of Cervical Carcinomas: Concordance With SPF10-LiPA25 PCR
When performed on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded cervical tissue specimens, the higher positivity rate of p16INK4a immunohistochemistry as compared with HPV DNA testing may allow identifying HPV-related ICC cases in which HPV testing was negative. Expand
Development of a gene expression-based test for the detection of endometrial cancer in uterine aspirates.
The development of a gene expression (GE) based test to detect endometrial cancer (EC) in a multicenter validation study conducted in over 10 different hospitals in Spain is ongoing. Expand