Cristina Ortíz

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Criollo cacao (Theobroma cacao ssp. cacao) was cultivated by the Mayas over 1500 years ago. It has been suggested that Criollo cacao originated in Central America and that it evolved independently from the cacao populations in the Amazon basin. Cacao populations from the Amazon basin are included in the second morphogeographic group: Forastero, and assigned(More)
OBJECTIVE Exposure to pollutants during pregnancy has been related to adverse birth outcomes. LBW can give rise to lifelong impairments. Prematurity is the leading cause of LBW, yet few studies have attempted to analyse how environmental factors can influence LBW in infants who are not premature. This study therefore sought to analyse the influence of air(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm birth (PTB) refers to delivery before 37 weeks of gestation and represents the leading cause of early-life mortality and morbidity in developed countries. PTB can lead to serious infant health outcomes. The etiology of PTB remains uncertain, but epidemiologic studies have consistently shown elevated risks with different environmental(More)
BACKGROUND The Borderline Symptom List-23 (BSL-23) is a reliable and valid self-report instrument for assessing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) severity. The psychometric properties of the original version have proven to be adequate. The aim of the present study was to validate the Spanish language version of the BSL-23. METHODS The BSL-23 was(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES Low birth weight (<2500 g) (LBW), premature birth (<37 weeks of gestation) (PB), and late foetal death (<24 h of life) (LFD) are causes of perinatal morbi-mortality, with short- and long-term social and economic health impacts. This study sought to identify gestational windows of susceptibility during pregnancy and to analyse and(More)
In this cross-sectional study, a stratified two-stage random sampling procedure was employed to select 221 dairy herds for bulk tank milk (BTM) sampling, and a subset of 55 dairy herds for individual blood sampling of a number of young animals (spot test), to predict presence or absence of current BVDV infection, and for data collection. The prediction was(More)
FtsZ, a GTPase distributed in the cytoplasm of most bacteria, is the major component of the machinery responsible for division (the divisome) in Escherichia coli. It interacts with additional proteins that contribute to its function forming a ring at the midcell that is essential to constrict the membrane. FtsZ is indirectly anchored to the membrane and it(More)
A decade after the implementation of prevention plans designed to minimise the impact of high temperatures on health, some countries have decided to update these plans in order to improve the weakness detected in these ten years of operation. In the case of Spain, this update has fundamentally consisted of changing the so-called "threshold" or "trigger"(More)
PURPOSE Little is known about barriers that Latinas in the United States face in preventing unintended pregnancies beyond those of language and cost. This study examined factors inhibiting contraceptive use among 18- to 30-year-old Latinas in the Midwest. METHOD Individual interviews (N = 31) were conducted in Spanish with Latinas residing across the(More)
BACKGROUND The Low Temperature Days (LTD) have attracted far less attention than that of High Temperature Days (HTD), though its impact on mortality is at least comparable. This lower degree of attention may perhaps be due to the fact that its influence on mortality is less pronounced and longer-term, and that there are other concomitant infectious winters(More)