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STAMP : Toward Reclaiming Email Address Privacy
Email has grown into one of the dominant forms of communication in the 21st century. However, email systems were designed without security in mind, thus allowing attackers to abuse the system andExpand
CCSW 2015: The 7th ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop
Notwithstanding the latest buzzwords (grid, cloud, utility computing, SaaS, etc.), large-scale computing and cloud-like deployment are the fastest growing computing infrastructures today. How exactlyExpand
A Platform for Finding Attacks in Unmodi 4 ied Implementations of
Related work • "Gatling: Automatic Attack Discovery in Large-Scale Distributed Systems " NDSS`12 Automatically injects malicious actions and greedily search performance attacks Only works withExpand
P O ~ V : Network Layer Position Verification in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
The correctness of the position is fundamental for position-based services. Previously proposed position verification schemes require an infrastructure, or the existence of a one-hop directExpand