Cristina Morciano

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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgical reconstruction is performed with the use of an autogenic, allogenic or synthetic graft. The document issued by the Italian National Guidelines System (SNLG, Sistema Nazionale Linee Guida) at the National Institute of Health aims to guide orthopaedic surgeons in selecting the optimal graft for ACL reconstruction(More)
How to screen and treat gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) has always been controversial for clinicians and decision makers. The problem is complex, and the evidence is limited. The new standards set by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) in 2011 (1) recommend 1) universal screening at 24–28 weeks of gestation (2010 ADA standards recommended selective(More)
An investigation of prescription and consumption of hypnotic and anxiolytic drugs in hospital was carried out and has associated a transverse prescription study and a prospective consumption study. The prescription study was undertaken on one day in several medical departments of Sainte-Marguerite Hospital in Marseille in February 1999. Of the 91(More)
AIM The effectiveness of early intervention in schizophrenia is still under discussion. The guidelines described in the present paper were aimed at contributing to the current debate by providing Italian practitioners, families, patients and health managers with evidence-based information on early intervention. They also examined the diagnostic tools that(More)
McMaster University; Hamilton, Canada; Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine Program; Hamilton, Canada; Universitaetsklinikum; Freiburg, Germany; National Center for Rare Diseases; Istituto Superiore di Sanit a; Rome, Italy; National Research Council; Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies; Rome, Italy; National Research Council; Institute(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop guidelines for the noninvasive imaging assessment of focal liver lesions comparing different imaging modalities focused on (i) evaluating the imaging techniques in terms of (a) diagnostic accuracy; (b) role in the management of oncologic patients; (c) follow-up of benign lesions; and (ii) developing standard procedure for their use in(More)
RARE-Bestpractices: a platform for sharing best practices for the management of rare diseases D Taruscio, C Morciano, P Laricchiuta, P Mincarone, F Palazzo, CG Leo, S Sabina, R Guarino, J Auld, T Sejersen, D Gavhed, K Ritchie, M Hilton-Boon, J Manson, PG Kanavos, D Tordrup, V Tzouma, Y Le Cam, J Senecat, G Filippini, S Minozzi, C Del Giovane, H Schünemann,(More)
In Italy, the conditions under which euthanasia of small pets is justified are only partially regulated by law n. 281/1991, article 2 n. 6 and 9, by the later Ministry Circular n. 9 made on 10/03/1992 and by law n. 189/2004. Law n. 281/1991, besides delegating the job of birth control in cat and dog populations to the regions, has made it statutory that(More)
Specific clinical practice recommendations for the management of influenza like-illness were developed by a national multidisciplinary panel (Guideline Development Group, GDG), and included in the update of the evidence-based clinical practice guideline: "Management of influenza-like syndrome" issued by the Italian National Guidelines System (SNLG May(More)