Cristina Matteotti

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Legacy systems are often large and difficult to maintain, but rewriting them from scratch is usually not a viable option. Reenginering remains the only way to modernize them. We have been recently involved in a migration project aiming at porting an old, large (8 MLOC) legacy banking system to a modern architecture. The goal of the project is: (I) moving(More)
Promoting health and wellness reflects a holistic approach to maintain the overall wellbeing of the nation. This paper discusses challenges in dietary adherence and reviews approaches in promoting healthy diet, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle presented in the literature. After discussing persisting challenges, we propose our future approach and(More)
The emergence of mobile devices brings high potential of business value. These devices include sensors, actuators, smartphones, tablets, and other complex devices. They have various computational resources, and are usually connected by wireless connections. On top of the available resources and provided services, complex tasks can be performed. Researches(More)
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