Cristina Martins dos Reis Cardoso

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In heart failure syndrome, myocardial dysfunction causes an increase in neurohormonal activity, which is an adaptive and compensatory mechanism in response to the reduction in cardiac output. Neurohormonal activity is initially stimulated in an attempt to maintain compensation; however, when it remains increased, it contributes to the intensification of(More)
A patient with signs and symptoms of right heart failure of unknown etiology was referred to a referral hospital in the eastern area of the city of São Paulo with a diagnosis of calcified constrictive pericarditis and was treated by surgery. This pathology is characterized by an irreversible process of pericardium calcification, and surgery is the only(More)
Diabetes mellitus can cause devastating foot problems including loss of protective sensation with subsequent ulcerations and amputations. The natural history and pathophysiology of diabetic foot ulcers is best understood and managed by a multiprofessional team approach. The main factors for prevention and treatment of these devastating diabetic foot(More)
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