Cristina Martí

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The ChillPeach database was developed to facilitate identification of genes controlling chilling injury (CI), a global-scale post-harvest physiological disorder in peach. It contained 7,862 high-quality ESTs (comprising 4,468 unigenes) obtained from mesocarp tissues of two full-sib progeny contrasting for CI, about 48 and 13% of which are unique to Prunus(More)
DELLA proteins are plant nuclear factors that restrain growth and proliferation in response to hormonal signals. The effects of the manipulation of the DELLA pathway in the making of a berry-like fruit were investigated. The expression of the Arabidopsis thaliana gain-of-function DELLA allele Atgai (del) in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) produced(More)
Maintenance of the K(+) gradient between endolymph and perilymph is essential for normal hearing and depends primarily on the activity of the stria vascularis. Abundant Na-K-ATPase in marginal strial cells provides a pumping mechanism for preserving the K(+) level of the endolymph and consequently, the endocochlear potential. Fibrocytes in the lateral wall(More)
Peach fruits subjected for long periods of cold storage are primed to develop chilling injury once fruits are shelf ripened at room temperature. Very little is known about the molecular changes occurring in fruits during cold exposure. To get some insight into this process a transcript profiling analyses was performed on fruits from a PopDG population(More)
In the latex-bearing plants, the laticiferous system is the tubing structure that contains the latex and is constituted of living cells (laticifers). While laticifers are present only in a small percentage of the flowering plant species, they represent a type of specialized tissue within the plant where a myriad of metabolites are synthesized, some of them(More)
Peach fruits subjected to prolonged cold storage (CS) to delay decay and over-ripening often develop a form of chilling injury (CI) called mealiness/woolliness (WLT), a flesh textural disorder characterized by lack of juiciness. Transcript profiles were analyzed after different lengths of CS and subsequent shelf life ripening (SLR) in pools of fruits from(More)
Motivation As sequencing technologies improve their capacity to detect distinct transcripts of the same gene and to address complex experimental designs such as longitudinal studies, there is a need to develop statistical methods for the analysis of isoform expression changes in time series data. Results Iso-maSigPro is a new functionality of the R(More)
The light-induced singlet oxygen production and antifungal activity of phenylphenalenone phytoalexins isolated from infected banana plants (Musa acuminata) are reported. Upon absorption of light energy all studied phenylphenalenones sensitise the production of singlet oxygen in polar and non-polar media. Antifungal activity of these compounds towards(More)
OBJECTIVE The prognosis of endometrial cancer depends on the correct surgical staging. In early stages, 18% to 30% rate of positive lymph nodes is reported with a myometrial invasion of 50% or more. According to this, patients with International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage Ib would benefit from staging lymphadenectomy. Therefore, it is(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the proteome profile of women with threatened preterm labor (PTL) below 34;0 weeks with and without microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity (MIAC) using mass spectrometry in the amniotic fluid (AF) and Western blot analysis in the cervical mucus and the vaginal fluid. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In the discovery phase, a case-control(More)