Cristina Maria Duarte Wigg

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This study presents the performance of 39 cases of myotonic dystrophy on Kohs' blocks test (21 females and 18 males, age range from 9 to 70 years). On this test, the patients have to reproduce figures from models previously showed to them. Some of the patients had some kind of professional activity, while others had never exerted a professional occupation.(More)
UNLABELLED The relationships among suicidal ideation, sleep, depression, anxiety, and effects on epilepsy require more research. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of suicidal ideation in outpatients with epilepsy, and relate this to sleep quality, daytime sleepiness, depression, and anxiety. METHOD Ninety-eight non-selected(More)
In this paper the authors disclose the result of a research carried out on two brothers whose parents were first cousins, being the gene transmitted by the father. The psychological test Wechsler Intelligence Scale of Children (WISC) was used in two occasions in order to assess the verbal and non-verbal skills. FRM and IRM were nine and eleven-year-old(More)
The authors studied in two occasions a group of 12 patients with myotonic dystrophy in a mean interval of three years and a half between the examinations. The neuro-psychological battery included the following tests: Raven's progressive matrices (coloured and general scales), Wechsler children intelligence scale (WISC), Kohs' blocks and Piaget-Head. 50% of(More)
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