Cristina M. Cirre

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This article presents a feedback linearization control of a distributed solar collector field, which main purpose is to heat a fluid using the energy provided by the solar irradiation. The control objective is to track an outlet temperature reference manipulating the fluid flow trying to attenuate the effect of disturbances (mainly radiation and inlet(More)
The ACUREX collector field together with a thermal storage tank and a power conversion system forms the Small Solar Power Systems plant of the Plataforma Solar de Almerı́a, a facility that has been used for research for the last 25 years. A simulator of the collector field produced by the last author has been available to and used as a test-bed for control(More)
This paper presents a robust control scheme for a distributed solar collector (DSC) field. As DSC are systems subjected to strong disturbances (mainly in solar radiation and inlet oil temperature), a series feedforward is used as a part of the plant, so that the system to be controlled has one input (fluid flow) and one output (outlet temperature) as the(More)
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