Cristina La Cognata

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A new high order Arakawa-like method for the incompressible vorticity equation in two-dimensions has been developed. Mimetic properties such as skew-symmetry, energy and enstrophy conservations for the semi-discretization are proved for periodic problems using arbitrary high order summation-by-parts operators. Numerical simulations corroborate the(More)
The advection equation is studied in a completely general two domain setting with different wave-speeds and a time-independent jump-condition at the interface separating the domains. Well-posedness and conservation criteria are derived for the initial-boundary-value problem. The equations are semi-discretized using a finite difference method on(More)
A robust interface treatment for the discontinuous coefficient advection equation satisfying time-independent jump conditions is presented. The aim of the investigation is to show how the different concepts like well-posedness, conservation and stability are related. The equations are discretized using high order finite difference methods on Summation By(More)
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