Cristina Januário

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In this article we provide homotopy solutions of a cancer nonlinear model describing the dynamics of tumor cells in interaction with healthy and effector immune cells. We apply a semi-analytic technique for solving strongly nonlinear systems-the Step Homotopy Analysis Method (SHAM). This algorithm, based on a modification of the standard homotopy analysis(More)
Defective interfering (DI) viruses are thought to cause oscillations in virus levels, known as the 'Von Magnus effect'. Interference by DI viruses has been proposed to underlie these dynamics, although experimental tests of this idea have not been forthcoming. For the baculoviruses, insect viruses commonly used for the expression of heterologous proteins in(More)
Coevolution between two antagonistic species has been widely studied theoretically for both ecologically- and genetically-driven Red Queen dynamics. A typical outcome of these systems is an oscillatory behavior causing an endless series of one species adaptation and others counter-adaptation. More recently, a mathematical model combining a three-species(More)
In this work we investigate the population dynamics of cooperative hunting extending the McCann and Yodzis model for a three-species food chain system with a predator, a prey, and a resource species. The new model considers that a given fraction sigma of predators cooperates in prey's hunting, while the rest of the population 1-sigma hunts without(More)
The study of economic systems has generated deep interest in exploring the complexity of chaotic motions in economy. Due to important developments in nonlinear dynamics, the last two decades have witnessed strong revival of interest in nonlinear endogenous business chaotic models. The inability to predict the behavior of dynamical systems in presence of(More)
An ecosystem is a web of complex interactions among species. With the purpose of understanding this complexity, it is necessary to study basic food chain dynamics with preys, predators and superpredators interactions. Although there is an elegant interpretation of ecological models in terms of chaos theory, the complex behavior of chaotic food chain systems(More)
The studies of nonlinear models in epidemiology have generated a deep interest in gaining insight into the mechanisms that underlie AIDS-related cancers, providing us with a better understanding of cancer immunity and viral oncogenesis. In this article, we analyze an HIV-1 model incorporating the relations between three dynamical variables: cancer cells,(More)
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