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Optimal Control of the Carbon Isotopes Cryogenic Separation Process
The most important demand in an efficient carbon isotope separation is to keep the cryogenic distillation column parameters at their required set points, despite disturbances or uncertainties. One ofExpand
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Robustness evaluation of fractional order control for varying time delay processes
In this paper, we investigate the robustness of a methodology to design fractional order PI controllers combined with Smith Predictors, for varying time delay processes. To overcome the drawback ofExpand
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Fractional calculus in 13C separation column control
Controller design for an isotope separation column is recognized as a difficult and challenging problem. The dynamics of the isotope separation process is difficult to model precisely using integerExpand
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Systematic Modeling of the (13C) Isotope Cryogenic Distillation Process
Isotopic enrichment by low-temperature distillation of carbon monoxide is difficult to handle, the experiments providing with the necessary data are time-consuming and difficult to perform, so theExpand
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Fractional order controller design for 13C separation column
Controller design for an isotope separation column is recognized as a difficult and challenging problem, especially when the controller used is of fractional order. The objective of this work is toExpand
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Predictive control of the multivariable time delay processes in an isotope separation column
The secondary processes in a pilot plant carbon isotope cryogenic separation column are multivariable time delay processes. In general, for these types of processes, Smith Predictor control schemesExpand
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Robust Feedback Linearization Applied to a Separation Column for 13C
In the present developing plan to apply the cryogenic technology for the production of the 13C, an efficient and safe operation is a strong reason to conceive and to apply a modern computer basedExpand
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Electrical power monitoring and control in 13C isotope separation column boiler
One of the main elements of a cryogenic (13C) separation column is the boiler. The control of the power supply which feeds the boiler's resistance is of major importance. In order to ensure a safeExpand
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