Cristina-Ioana Pop

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The secondary processes in a pilot plant carbon isotope cryogenic separation column are multivariable time delay processes. In general, for these types of processes, Smith Predictor control schemes are frequently used, however they exhibit poor robustness due to the explicit use of the process model in the compensation loop and require additional control(More)
One of the main elements of a cryogenic (C) separation column is the boiler. The control of the power supply which feeds the boiler’s resistance is of major importance. In order to ensure a safe and stable operation of the plant, a monitoring and control unit is designed using NI PXI-8183 process computer. The developed LabVIEW application implements a PI(More)
Controller design for an isotope separation column is recognized as a difficult and challenging problem, especially when the controller used is of fractional order. The objective of this work is to find out optimum settings for a fractional PI<sup>&#x03BB;</sup> controller in order to fulfill three different robustness specifications of design for the(More)
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