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Involvement of sensory nerves in Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease is well known, however, sensory symptoms are usually overlooked. To assess the frequency and features of sensory symptoms in a cohort of patients with CMT, we investigated in a prospective study 52 consecutive CMT patients, diagnosed on the basis of clinical, neurophysiological, and genetic(More)
Cryoglobulinemia represents an emerging cause of peripheral neuropathy, especially in Southern Europe, in view of its relationship with hepatitis C virus infection. In a series of 100 consecutive referral patients with uncharacterized peripheral neuropathies, we systematically investigated cryoglobulinemia to assess its diagnostic yield. The most frequent(More)
The expression of sigma-2 receptors was investigated in nine urothelial tumours of the urinary bladder of cattle. Each tumour was associated with the presence of DNA of bovine papillomavirus type-2 (BPV-2) and expression of the E5 viral oncoprotein. Five tumours were classified as low-grade carcinoma on the basis of morphological criteria and calculation of(More)
The expression of sigma-2 receptor (S2R) was assayed in blood and bladder samples from healthy cattle and in blood and bladder of cattle with deltapapillomavirus-associated urothelial tumors. Samples of bladder from cattle with neoplasia had significantly higher S2R than samples of bladder from healthy cattle (95% CI 0.31-0.82, P < 0.05). In addition,(More)
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