Cristina Gorrostieta

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BACKGROUND The recent upsurge in interest about pediatric bipolar disorder (BD) has spurred the need for greater understanding of its neurobiology. Structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging studies have implicated fronto-temporal dysfunction in pediatric BD. However, recent data suggest that task-dependent neural changes account for a small(More)
Vector auto-regressive (VAR) models typically form the basis for constructing directed graphical models for investigating connectivity in a brain network with brain regions of interest (ROIs) as nodes. There are limitations in the standard VAR models. The number of parameters in the VAR model increases quadratically with the number of ROIs and linearly with(More)
We propose a mixed-effects vector auto-regressive (ME-VAR) model for studying brain effective connectivity. One common approach to investigating inter-regional associations in brain activity is the multivariate auto-regressive (VAR) model. The standard VAR model unrealistically assumes the connectivity structure to be identical across all participants in a(More)
Our goal is to investigate dependence between brain wave oscillations in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) and the hippocampus (Hc) regions of a macaque monkey during a learning association task. The classical approach to studying dependence in the spectral domain is via cross-coherence. It is computed for each frequency (or band) and identifies the frequency(More)
BACKGROUND There is a critical need for real-time tracking of behavioral indicators of mental disorders. Mobile sensing platforms that objectively and noninvasively collect, store, and analyze behavioral indicators have not yet been clinically validated or scalable. OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to report on models of clinical symptoms for(More)
Functional data analysis (FDA) is a set of tools developed to perform statistical analysis on data having a functional form. In our case we consider the one-dimensional wave surface profiles registered during a North-Sea storm as functional data. The data is split into 20 min intervals within which an individual wave is defined as the profile between two(More)
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