Cristina E Nitulescu

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The management of a monocular congenital cataract is dominated by the problems of amblyopia, always present. The paper shows the case of an eight years old child, who was operated when he was 6 month of age for monocular congenital cataract. After YAG-Nd treatment of secondary cataract, aerian correction and intense pleoptic and orthoptic treatment, the(More)
The most important factor for functional and anatomic prognosis of an injured eye is the appropriate emergency assistance. This paper presents a case of penetrating ocular trauma with minor clinical sings which associates severe lesions of posterior pole discovered intraoperatively. Careful history and clinical examination allowed the best surgical(More)
This paper presents the case of a pacient operated for organized hemoftalmus after central retinal vein thrombosis (total vitrectomy) and whom five days after surgery a macular hole was observed and internal indendation with gas was performed. Postoperative evolution was good. Two months after surgery the pacient returns with cvasitotal regmatogen retinal(More)
We present the case of patient D. E., 48 years old, whose diagnosis is nonfunctional pituitary adenoma. The diagnosis was revealed by the presence of bitemporal hemianopia. This observation led us to remember the principal neuro-ophthalmological manifestations and to emphasize the part of the ophthalmologist in the diagnosis of this disease.
This paper presents two cases of corneal abscess and their therapeutically approach which was the surgical treatment (penetrant keratoplasty). First case was a corneal ulcer which failed to abscess under medical therapy. The second case was a corneal abscess complicated with impending perforation after intracorneal foreign body. The particular aspects for(More)