Cristina Diego

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This paper raises the design of an ultrasonic array for obstacle detection based on Phased Array (PA) techniques, which steers the acoustic beam through the environment by electronics rather than mechanical means. The transmission of every element in the array has been encoded, according to Code Division for Multiple Access (CDMA), which allows multiple(More)
The great variability usually found in underwater media makes modeling a challenging task, but helpful for better understanding or predicting the performance of future deployed systems. In this work, an underwater acoustic propagation model is presented. This model obtains the multipath structure by means of the ray tracing technique. Using this model, the(More)
The need for monitoring underwater sensors, communications between submarines or sonar, makes underwater acoustic communications an important field of research. Electromagnetic waves are quickly attenuated in this medium and thus acoustic waves are the best option for communications. When two buoys are present, one acting as the emitter and the other as the(More)
A method to locate reflectors, based on the spectral analysis of ultrasonic received echoes, is provided in this study. The main contribution of this work lies in the spectral analysis for bearing estimation. A single ultrasonic transducer, acting as emitter and receiver, is used. The transmitted signal is a 1023-bits Kasami code BPSK modulated by a carrier(More)
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