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This paper provides an analysis of the distribution patterns of marine biodiversity and summarizes the major activities of the Census of Marine Life program in the Caribbean region. The coastal Caribbean region is a large marine ecosystem (LME) characterized by coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses, but including other environments, such as sandy beaches(More)
Clostridium difficile is an important cause of intestinal infections in some animal species and animals might be a reservoir for community associated human infections. Here we describe a collection of animal associated C. difficile strains from 12 countries based on inclusion criteria of one strain (PCR ribotype) per animal species per laboratory.(More)
According to the principles of positive psychology (PP), social learning, therapeutic robotics and mood induction procedures (MIPs), we have developed an application to be used as part of a positive MIP in a psychological treatment context. We have used the inexpensive humanoid robot Nao because of its ease of use, which allows the proper interaction with(More)
As previous years, Dip 5 will continue with the redefinition of what was formerly known as public space, trying to reactivate the physical realm of the common, nowadays kidnapped by economic and political agents. The origin of the word paradise gets back to ancient Persia, and to the Avestian term pairi-daêza, composed by pairi, "around" and diz "to(More)
Information and communication technologies are moving towards a new stage where applications will be dynamically deployed, uninstalled, updated and (re)configured. Several approaches have been followed with the goal of creating a fully automated and context-aware deployment system. Ideally, this system should be capable of handling the dynamics of this new(More)
Prevalencia de serotipos de Candida albicans en aislamientos de hemocultivo en Chile y primer caso de candidemia por Candida dubli-niensis Prevalence of Candida albicans serotypes in blood isolates in Chile, and first report of Candida dubliniensis candidemia Our main goal was to determine the prevalence of C. albicans serotypes isolates from blood cultures(More)
Background—HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors reduce cardiovascular mortality, although the mechanisms of action have not been completely elucidated. The presence of T cells and apoptotic cells in atherosclerotic plaques is well established, the reduction of cellular content being a marker of their vulnerability. One of the main mechanisms of cell death(More)
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