Cristina Diaz

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The transition between shallow and mesophotic coral reef communities in the tropics is characterized by a significant gradient in abiotic and biotic conditions that could result in potential trade-offs in energy allocation. The mesophotic reefs in the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands have a rich sponge fauna with significantly greater percent cover of sponges(More)
According to the principles of positive psychology (PP), social learning, therapeutic robotics and mood induction procedures (MIPs), we have developed an application to be used as part of a positive MIP in a psychological treatment context. We have used the inexpensive humanoid robot Nao because of its ease of use, which allows the proper interaction with(More)
Sponge faunas from coral reefs and mangrove ecosystems in the Caribbean have mostly been studied from an ecological perspective, with researchers considering the effects of physical and biological factors on their species distribution. To discern evolutionary patterns, this study analyzed the systematic composition, taxonomic diversity, and ecological(More)
Information and communication technologies are moving towards a new stage where applications will be dynamically deployed, uninstalled, updated and (re)configured. Several approaches have been followed with the goal of creating a fully automated and context-aware deployment system. Ideally, this system should be capable of handling the dynamics of this new(More)
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