Cristina Cristalli

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The paper introduces a vision on the design of distributed manufacturing control systems using the multi-agent principles to enhance the integration of the production and quality control processes. It is highlighted how agent technology may enforce interaction of manufacturing execution system and distributed control system, enhancing the exploitation of(More)
This paper describes an innovative and flexible test platform for the household appliances test based on mobile agents, in order to carry out efficient data collection and analysis and to assist products design by providing defective components identification. The diagnostic system is specifically designed for the life-test laboratories, in which the mobile(More)
In this paper we propose a new methodology based on signal embedding and applied topology for studying real noisy signals. Even if signal embedding is a useful tool, it is not sufficient for studying long range noisy signals. We argue that embedded signal in &#x211D;<sup>m</sup> space can be properly analysed with topology based techniques. We obtained(More)
This paper describes the development and the first results of an automatic bench, designed to perform noise, vibration and electrical tests of small DC motors, to be placed at the end of production lines as Quality Control Tests. A prototype of the test bench and a data analysis method have been developed, trained with a small sample of known motors and(More)
The paper introduces a new approach on design of distributed manufacturing control systems. It will be shown how multi-agent principles, self-learning, self-adaptation and a new engineering method for distributed production systems can be used to enhance integration of production control process quality control. It will be highlighted how multi-agent(More)
In this paper we present a novel methodology based on a topological entropy, the so-called persistent entropy, for addressing the comparison between discrete piecewise linear functions. The comparison is certified by the stability theorem for persistent entropy that is presented here. The theorem is used in the implementation of a new algorithm. The(More)
Purpose – This paper aims to deal with the problem of programming robots in industrial contexts, where the need of easy programming is increasing, while robustness and safety remain fundamental aspects. Design/methodology/approach – A novel approach of robot programming can be identified with the manual guidance that permits to the operator to freely move(More)
The BIVEE project addresses the challenge of innovation management in Virtual Enterprise Environments. BIVEE aims to formalize the processes and models for improvement and innovation management in virtual enterprises by developing a conceptual framework and corresponding ICT platform. In this paper, we present a document centric approach towards the(More)
Automatic Quality Control (AQC) in production line needs a constant design and update of test plans, in order to face with incoming new models produced, variations in sub assembly components and modifications of environmental conditions. This time consuming and fatiguing activity is usually carried out by human operators, otherwise the AQC system could(More)
An automated procedure for classification of polycrystalline silicon solar cells with respect to their electrical characteristics is presented in this work. Electrical characteristics of solar cells are a very important issue in the photovoltaic panel production process, as they affect the final product quality. The procedure is composed of two sequential(More)