Cristina Crespo

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Mouse oocytes can be obtained via superovulation or using in vitro maturation although several factors, including genetic background, may affect response. Our previous studies have identified various mouse species as models to understand the role of sexual selection on the evolution of sperm traits and function. In order to do comparative studies of(More)
There is a constant increase in the number of species suffering marked reductions in population size. This reduction in size and the lack of genetic flow may lead to a decrease in genetic variability and to matings between close relatives (i.e. inbreeding) with an ensuing reduction in fitness. It is thus important to understand the mechanism underlying the(More)
Long-term storage of semen by cryopreservation, with high recovery rates on thawing, is essential for the establishment of genetic resource banks of endangered species. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate various diluents for the cryopreservation of spermatozoa from three species of gazelles (genus Gazella) in a captive breeding program. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the level of expertise of Pharmacy personnel in the manufacturing of total parenteral nutrition. MATERIAL AND METHODS An on-line survey including 17 questions concerning key aspects of TPN manufacturing was designed. Survey monkey software was used to create the survey and to analize its results. RESULTS 135 answers were received.(More)
The present study analyses the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and mammalian insulin on the nuclear maturation of Bufo arenarum oocytes under in vitro conditions. The response of fully grown follicle oocytes to DHT, shown by germinal vesicle breakdown (GVBD), occurred in a manner dependent on dose, time and sexual cycle period. The highest oocyte(More)
Patient security is one of the key aspects of the Health-System. Parenteral Nutrition is included in the ISMP's list of high-alert medication, being its appropiate use an essential element in maximizing effectiviness while minimizing the potential risk of errors associated with its use. Multi-chamber bags offer several advantages versus pharmacy bespoke(More)
During progesterone-induced nuclear maturation the oocytes of Bufo arenarum undergo a series of nuclear and cytoplasmic changes. The breakdown of heterocellular communications between the follicular cell projections and the oocyte microvilli, and the consequent enlargement of the perivitelline space, were observed at the animal pole. The more evident(More)
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