Cristina Chuva Costa

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In agreement with the current trend of giving value to natural and renewable resources, the use of natural antimicrobial compounds, particularly in food and biomedical applications, becomes very frequent. The direct addition of natural compounds to food is the most common method of application, even if numerous efforts have been made to find alternative(More)
Given the increasing importance of inter-organizational networks, business models and their underlying information systems must reflect this reality. Among the challenges that arise in this context are the representation of the relationships between the participating actors, the analysis of the complex balance of interests, and the evaluation of the(More)
The way the Internet has connected millions of users at negligible costs has changed playing field for companies. Several stakeholders can now come together in virtual networks to create innovative business models that would be unfeasible in the physical world. However, the more radical the departure from the established models of value creation, the bigger(More)
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