Cristina Carletti

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We implement optical logic operations, using a polarization-encoding architecture based on digital speckle pattern interferometry (DSPI). The method is based on the intensity dependence of DSPI on the rotation of the polarization direction in the paths of the interferometer between acquisition of frames. The 16 two-input logic operations can be achieved and(More)
Residential buildings built after the Second World War have high energy consumption and inadequate thermal comfort, especially in summer conditions, largely attributable to the high transmittance of windows and lack of effective shading devices. Performance improvement of these components is essential for energy upgrading of existing buildings. This paper(More)
In this paper the problem of multi-robot collaborative topological map-building is addressed. In this framework, a team of robots is supposed to move in an indoor office-like environment. Each robot, after building a local map by using infrared range-finders, achieves a topological representation of the environment by extracting the most significant(More)
This work presents the results of the environmental monitoring of some rooms of the “La Specola” Museum in Florence, affected by significant overheating problem in summer mainly due to the absence of efficient solar shadings. The elaboration and analysis of the microclimatic data have been carried out according to the Italian Standard UNI 10829 and the(More)
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