Cristina Barona-Dorado

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate graft types used for maxillary sinus augmentation and review success rates of dental implants inserted in these areas, analyzing the graft materials used, implant surface types and the moment of implant placement. STUDY DESIGN A meta-analytic study reviewing articles on sinus augmentation published during the last ten years. (More)
UNLABELLED Dental retentions have a high prevalence among the general population and their removal can involve multiple complications. The use of platelet rich plasma has been proposed in an attempt to avoid these complications, as it contains high growth factors and stimulates diverse biological functions that facilitate the healing of soft and hard(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the height and width of the ridge at the level of the premaxilla in edentulous patients, evaluating whether the sex of the patient, type of prosthetic rehabilitation and antagonist have an influence. MATERIAL AND METHOD We randomly selected a total of 89 patients, having an average age of 66.21 years old. A total of 308 measurements(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the different variations of sinus elevation techniques with osteotomes, to evaluate the increase in height achieved, and to quantify the osseointegration periods and the success rates for the implants placed. STUDY DESIGN A meta-analytic study with descriptive statistics was carried out on sinus elevations using osteotomes, analyzing(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the anaesthetic properties and tolerance of articaine versus lidocaine at equal vasoconstrictor concentration. STUDY DESIGN A total of 96 male and female patients who underwent surgical treatment of the lower third molar participated. Patients were randomly assigned to articaine hydrochloride with epinephrine 1:100,000 and lidocaine(More)
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