Cristina Altomare

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Fungal biocontrol agents (BCAs) have been marketed for control of crop pests, weeds, and diseases. However, BCAs may produce toxic metabolites, whose presence in the formulated products, in the crops and in the environment should be considered along with the associated risk. Two invertebrate models, viz. Artemia salina and Daphnia magna were used to assess(More)
PURPOSE In high precision photon radiotherapy and in hadrontherapy, it is crucial to minimize the occurrence of geometrical deviations with respect to the treatment plan in each treatment session. To this end, point-based infrared (IR) optical tracking for patient set-up quality assessment is performed. Such tracking depends on external fiducial points(More)
Rare diseases occur infrequently or rarely in a population and among them, nearly 75% affect children. To date, their low prevalence and heterogeneity resulted in a lack of scientific knowledge and prevented an access to a quick and correct diagnosis. The sharing of multiple sources of information from different centers and actors may have a key role in(More)
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