Cristina A. Domínguez-Mendoza

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Regular flooding of the soil to reduce salinity will change soil characteristics, but also the microbial community structure. Soil of the former lake Texcoco with electrolytic conductivity (EC) 157.4 dS m-1 and pH 10.3 was flooded monthly in the laboratory under controlled conditions for 10 months while soil characteristics were determined and the archaeal(More)
OBJECTIVES Most common bacterial sepsis associated with transfusion is caused by contaminated Platelet Concentrates (PC). The screening of PC to detect bacterial contamination is obligatory in Mexico, and it is carried out in quality control programs. In Mexico, the identification and molecular characterization of bacterial contaminants to detect(More)
After chloroform fumigating an arable soil, the relative abundance of phylotypes belonging to only two phyla (Actinobacteria and Firmicutes) and two orders [Actinomycetales and Bacillales (mostly Bacillus)] increased in a subsequent aerobic incubation, while it decreased for a wide range of bacterial groups. It remained to be seen if similar bacterial(More)
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