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By using a colonoscope diathermy snare a total of 75 polyps have been removed from sites throughout the colon in 43 patients. There was some haemorrhage in four cases but no other morbidity, and all patients were discharged home within 24 hours. The ease of this procedure suggests that it should replace colotomy and surgical polypectomy in the management of(More)
During examination of the intact colon with the Olympus CF LB 185-cm colonoscope it has proved possible to reach the caecum or terminal ileum in 47 out of 50 cases (94%). Careful bowel preparation, moderately heavy sedation, and some x-ray screening are necessary for the procedure, but it was well tolerated by all patients and there was no morbidity. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Two surgical techniques for repair of a cleft palate include levator retropositioning in combination with a pharyngeal flap and the Furlow double-opposing Z-plasty. This study compared morbidity and speech results from the use of these two methods in an effort to determine which was the superior technique. DESIGN Patient records from 1986 to(More)
BACKGROUND There is often a divergence between standardized practice guidelines and actual practice. Such deviations can result in adverse outcomes. In addition, studies that identify independent risk factors associated with bleeding or recurrent venous thromboembolism (VTE) are often limited. OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate the appropriateness of VTE(More)
We are reporting what we believe to be the second case of bilateral parotid neoplasm occuring synchronously with differing histologies. We believe that this neoplasm may represent a specific propensity of parotid tissue in a given individual to develop neoplasia in a multipotential glandular organ subject to many neoplastic diseases. There also exists the(More)