Cristiano Riminesi

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Many applications of microwave energy to wooden materials have been developed in the last few decades, both for treatment and for diagnostic purposes. All these applications require a reliable estimation of the permittivity of the wood species of interest, which is the physical parameter of crucial importance in the absorption of electromagnetic energy.(More)
The dielectric properties of water solutions of ethanol and sugar are investigated in the microwave region with the objective of setting up a method for the quality control of the fermentation process of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic fermentation is the process by which carbohydrates, in particular sugar, are converted by the yeast into alcohol. During(More)
As is well known, the deterioration of wall paintings due to the capillary rise of water through the walls is a very widespread problem. In this paper, a study of microclimate monitoring, unilateral nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and evanescent-field dielectrometry (EFD) was applied to map non-destructively, in situ, and in a quantitative way the(More)
In this paper, the magnetic flux density (MFD) distribution in a neonatal intensive care unit is described and MFD values inside a few open infant warming systems and incubators are reported. Typical measured values of the magnetic flux density at power frequency (50 Hz) in the "general environment" (the rooms of the unit) were lower than 0.2 microT, while(More)
This paper discusses the potentialities obtained by splitting the antenna of the COSMO-SkyMed SAR developed by Alenia Spazio under contract of Italian Space Agency and Italian Ministry of Defence into multiple sub-apertures. The modified sensor is shown to allow: (a) clutter cancellation and detection of slowly moving ground targets for surveillance(More)
In sanitary field and especially in a hospital, multiple sources of non ionizing radiation are used for diagnostic and therapeutic aims. In sanitary sector both workers and users are present at the same time, and in some cases general population could need higher protection than workers in relationship to the exposition to electromagnetic fields. In order(More)
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