Cristiano P. Souza

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Herein, we aimed at identifying global transcriptome microRNA (miRNA) changes and miRNA target genes in lung adenocarcinoma. Samples were selected as training (N = 24) and independent validation (N = 34) sets. Tissues were microdissected to obtain >90% tumor or normal lung cells, subjected to miRNA transcriptome sequencing and TaqMan quantitative PCR(More)
Dopa-responsive dystonia (DRD), also known as Segawa syndrome or hereditary progressive dystonia with diurnal fluctuation, is clinically characterized by the occurrence of simultaneous or late Parkinsonism and by an excellent response to treatment with low doses of L-dopa. Diagnosis of DRD is essentially clinical. It is based on clinical history and the(More)
The identification of families at-risk for hereditary cancer is extremely important due to the prevention potential in those families. However, the number of Brazilian genetic services providing oncogenetic care is extremely low for the continental dimension of the country and its population. Therefore, at-risk patients do not receive appropriate(More)
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