Cristiano Maria Verrelli

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The heart rate can be effectively used as a measure of the exercise intensity during long duration cycle-ergometer exercises: precisely controlling the heart rate (HR) becomes crucial especially for athletes or patients with cardiovascular/obesity problems. The aim of this letter is to experimentally show how the nonlocal and nonswitching nonlinear control(More)
Two different nonlinear dynamic control algorithms are presented for synchronous motors with damping windings: (i) an adaptive speed-sensorless controller for rotor position tracking in the presence of unknown constant load torque, on the basis of rotor angle, stator and field windings currents measurements ; (ii) an adaptive control law for rotor speed(More)
It has been recently shown in the literature that a robust output feedback controller for the heart rate regulation can be designed for an experimentally validated second order nonlinear model of the human heart rate response during long-duration treadmill exercises: It is based on piecewise linear approximations of the original nonlinear model and involves(More)