Cristiano Maciel da Silva

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There are several kinds of envisioned vehicular applications: video delivery, accidents detection, dissemination of traffic announcements, and so forth. Such applications demand minimal (and possibly distinct) Quality of Service guarantees that must couple the vehicular network. Since the vehicular networks will become reality soon, we demand strategies for(More)
This work presents a mixed load algorithm to solve the School Bus Routing Problem applied to the rural area of a Brazilian city. We use a complete set of real georeferenced data containing 716 students, 23 schools, and the road network. Our goal is to minimize the total traveled distance of a heterogeneous fleet. We compare our strategy to a single load(More)
Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) have potential to ease traffic management, lower accident rates and provide many more benefits. Deploying the infrastructure entities, called roadside units (RSUs), is challenging and purpose-dependent. There are many metrics in literature to evaluate RSU deployment, such as coverage time-based and inter-contact(More)
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