Cristiano Carlone

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In PTSD, sleep disorders represent an important symptoms dimension which is associated with more severe PTSD and increased risk of relapse. The basic treatment for PTSD is not always associated to an improvement of sleep disturbances and nightmares. Alpha-blockers, and more specifically Prazosin, have shown a specific action on sleep disorders in PTSD. We(More)
Osteoporosis and depression are two chronic diseases that affect large population groups with great impact on morbidity, mortality and quality of life. Existing studies of the relationship between depression and osteoporosis have been heterogeneous in their design and use of diagnostic instruments for depression, which might have contributed to the(More)
Steroid-responsive encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroiditis (SREAT), also known as Hashimoto encephalopathy, represents a rare disorder of presumed autoimmune origins that can be diagnosed when a protean variety of psychiatric symptoms are present in association with elevated titers of anti-thyroid antibodies. Symptoms can have a rapid and(More)
The purpose of the study is to investigate the action of one antipsychotic molecule of recent introduction on the market. Paliperidone, in this occasion used in the formulation extended-release tablets, is an oral antipsychotic who takes advantage of the OROS system. Studies about are up to now focused on the effectiveness of paliperidone ER in the acute(More)
Caffeine is considered the world's most popular psychoactive substance. Its actions on the central nervous system, mainly mediated by antagonism of adenosine receptors and subsequent modulation of dopaminergic activity, would be particularly sought by depressed patients, as an attempt of self-medication. However, published data suggested that coffee(More)
This work aims to define the aggression in all its forms, with notes on management and rapid tranquilization. The pathological aggression is described as a non-homogeneous phenomenon, it is variable in according to social, psychological and biological agents. The distinction of violence between affective aggression and predatory aggression can be functional(More)
AIM In this work it is discussed whether and how Kretchmer's psychopathological reflections about sensitive delusion of reference can offer a relevant interpretative key for clinicians who face cases of acute persecutory psychosis. It is argued the utility and topicality of those psychopathological concepts that aren't commonly investigated, especially in(More)
INTRODUCTION Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is an emerging psychiatric disorder, assimilable to impulse control problems and related to maladaptive use of new networks and social and virtual technologies. AIM Our study aims to analyze the presence of IAD among adolescents and to study the correlation with social interaction anxiousness. We investigated(More)