Cristiano C. A. Vieira

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With the increase in computing infrastructure commercialization through the pay-as-you-go model, competition among providers puts the user as a decision agent on which is the best provider to comply with his/her demands and requirements. Currently, users rely on instances o ered as on-demand, reserved, and spot to decide which is the best resource(More)
We present a new BSP/CGM parallel algorithm for the transitive closure problem. Our algorithm uses O(n/sup 3//p/spl alpha/) local computation time with O(p//spl alpha/) communication rounds, where /spl alpha/ is the size in bits that can be stored in a primitive data item. For all the randomly generated graphs that were used in the tests, the number of(More)
Public providers around the world offer computing, storage, and communication services as virtual machines in a pay-per-use model. From the user perspective, it is important to choose providers and charging models to run distributed applications with quality of service at lower costs. In this work, we introduce an innovative strategy to decrease the cost of(More)
The improvement in virtualisation technologies, as well as higher data transmission rates and the popularisation of the Internet contributed to strengthen the cloud computing. This paradigm attracts more and more users to consume, and providers to offer services through the pay-as-you-go model. The users can benefit from the clouds by receiving high(More)
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