Cristiano Azzolini

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— This paper presents an accurate time-domain analysis of operational amplifiers' step response. Both slewing and linear settling phases are investigated in order to correct some discrepancies found in previous literature works. Moreover theoretical results are exploited developing a CAD tool for the automatic synthesis of high-gain high-speed operational(More)
PURPOSE To study during vitreoretinal surgery the intravitreal posterior empty spaces caused by different posterior relationships between the retina, posterior hyaloid and posterior vitreous. METHODS A total of 151 eyes with different vitreoretinal disorders were considered; 97 eyes with retinal detachment (Group I), 54 eyes without retinal detachment(More)
Background and purpose: A likely explanation for the increase in lens fluorescence with aging and the acceleration of this process in patients with diabetes, is that lens proteins are altered by non-enzymatic glycosylation and the further steps of the Maillard reaction. Thus, the lens fluorescence intensity appears to represent a cumulative index of(More)
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