Cristiano Antonelli

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Complexity theory has become influential in recent models social science. In the context of innovation and new technologies, most applications have focused on technology adoption and technology diffusion, while the topic of the innovation process has received less attention. This paper discusses three families of complexity models of technological(More)
1 Cristiano Antonelli acknowledges the funding of the European Union Directorate for Research, within the context of the Integrated Project EURODITE (Regional Trajectories to the Knowledge Economy: A Dynamic Model) Contract nr° 006187 (CIT3), in progress at the Fondazione Rosselli. Morris Teubal acknowledges the funding and support of ICER (International(More)
Information economics provides important tools to articulate an economics analysis of the governance mechanisms for the generation and exploitation of localized technological knowledge. A variety of hybrid forms of knowledge governance ranging from coordinated transactions and constructed interactions to quasi-hierarchies can be found between the two(More)
The economics of recombinant knowledge is a promising field of investigation. New technological systems emerge when strong cores of complementary knowledge consolidate and feed an array of coherent applications and implementations. However, diminishing returns to recombination eventually emerge, and the rates of growth of technological systems gradually(More)
This paper surveys recent research on the concept of a dominant product design. The point of departure for the survey is the idea that dominant designs occur which shift the terms of competition in an industry. A dominant design is defined as a specific path along a design hierarchy, which establishes primacy among competing design paths. The way in which(More)
Hyperbaric therapy is the basis of treatment for pervasive development disorders. For this reason, the choice of the right therapeutic table for each case is critical. Above all, the delay in recompression time with respect to the first symptoms and to the severity of the case must be considered. In our experience, the use of low-pressure oxygen tables(More)