Cristiane Yamabayashi

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BACKGROUND Oral tolerance is a classically used strategy for antigen-specific systemic immunotherapy. However, the roles of IL-17 in modification of oral tolerance are not yet understood. OBJECTIVE To define the effects of IL-17 on the modification of oral tolerance, the effects of transfer of Th17 cells, administration of IL-17 or anti-IL-17 antibody(More)
Airway remodeling in bronchial asthma results from chronic, persistent airway inflammation. The effects of the reversal of airway remodeling by drug interventions remain to be elucidated. We investigated the effects of ONO-1301, a novel prostacyclin agonist with thromboxane inhibitory activity, on the prevention and reversibility of airway remodeling in an(More)
Bleomycin (BLM)-induced lung injury consists of excessive inflammatory cell infiltration and fibrosis. IS-741 has been reported to be an anti-inflammatory drug through an inhibitory action on cell adhesion. In this study we investigated whether IS-741 could inhibit the progression of pulmonary fibrosis through inflammatory cell infiltration. Lung injury was(More)
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