Cristiane Rossi de Oliveira

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Nonaromatic hydrocarbons and geochemical parameters from 17 sediment-water interface samples were used to assess sources of organic matter in three harbors, located in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil. The evaluation was based on the molar C/N/P ratios, abundance of resolved nonaromatic hydrocarbons (3.0-25.9 μg g(-1)), unresolved complex mixture, and(More)
For the first time, organotin compounds were determined in surface sediment samples collected from São Francisco do Sul, Itajaí-Navegantes and Imbituba Harbors, located in Santa Catarina State, Brazil. Butyltins (BTs) were determined by gas chromatography with a pulsed flame photometric detector (GC-PFPD) after being modified using the Grignard(More)
We use Kepler maps to study the classical ionization of the hydrogen atom driven by electric fields; we compare the ionization rate (IR) due to chaotic motion (constant field amplitude) with the IR due to randomness (random field amplitude). We find that for weak fields the ionization due to random amplitude is more effective, while for strong fields the(More)
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