Cristiane Quental

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BACKGROUND National Research for Health Systems (NRfHS) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) have shown growth and consolidation in the last few years. A structured, organized system will facilitate the development and implementation of strategies for research for health to grow and contribute towards people's health and equity. METHODS We conducted a(More)
Recognizing the importance of generating and disseminating innovation for the social and economic development of capitalist countries and the systemic, institutional, and historical nature of this process, this paper emphasizes the need to deal with innovation in the health sector within a framework linking economic, institutional, and policy dynamics.(More)
BACKGROUND In Panama, the health research system has been strengthened during recent years by the development of new financing opportunities, promotion of scientific and technological activities, and initiation of human capital training to ultimately improve competitiveness. However, aligning this system with the population's health needs is a significant(More)
BACKGROUND Panama is, economically, the fastest growing country in Central America and is making efforts to improve management mechanisms for research and innovation. However, due to contextual factors, the Panamanian Health Research System is not well developed and is poorly coordinated with the Health System. Likewise, despite recent efforts to define a(More)
When the patent of a drug expires, low cost generics may be introduced in market. Trial results that demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the reference product can be extrapolated to the generic, simplifying the approval process. This paradigm cannot be applied to biopharmaceutical products, large molecules difficult to be characterized. Minor changes in(More)
This paper echoes recent works of Abrasco, Gadelha and Guimarães emphasizing the need for a better integration between health policies and industrial development and innovation policies as the only way to keep the economic benefits generated by health expenditures in the country instead of letting them escape through imports and threaten the continuity of(More)
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