Cristiane Audi

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OBJECTIVE The present study systematically compared the sealing ability of oval-shaped canals filled using the System B heat source with either gutta-percha/sealer or Resilon/Epiphany. STUDY DESIGN Eighty mandibular incisors with oval-shaped canals were selected after buccolingual and mesiodistal radiographs and divided into 3 experimental groups (n =(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to investigate interfacial quality between both Epiphany and Epiphany SE and the surrounding dentin having conventional gutta-percha/AH plus root filling as reference for comparison. STUDY DESIGN A sample of 36 human maxillary canines was prepared and assigned to experimental groups of 12 teeth each, designated as(More)
AIM To compare the sealing ability of four hydraulic cements when used as an apical plug in teeth with wide-open apices. METHODOLOGY A sample of 70 maxillary central incisors were divided into four groups (n = 15) and a further 10 teeth served as controls. An artificial open apex was created in the teeth using Gates Glidden drills numbers 6-1 in a(More)
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