Cristiane Akemi Kasse

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OBJECTIVE/HYPOTHESIS One mechanism associated with degeneration in the elderly is the decrease of neurotransmitters. In the central auditory pathway serotonin, can be found from cochlear nucleus to the auditory cortex, and it constitutes one of the most important neuromodulatory circuits in hearing processing. The present study analyzed the action of(More)
A comprehensive model strategy is presented which enables the prediction of catchment hydrology and the dynamics of sediment transport within the alluvial river systems draining these catchments. The model is driven by AGCM-based weather predictions, generalised by using a stochastic weather generator, and by palaeo-climate and palaeo-environment(More)
BACKGROUND A good body balance requires a proper function of vestibular, visual, and somatosensory systems which can be reach with exercise practice and/or yoga. AIM To determine the effects of a 5-month hatha yoga training program on body balance in young adults. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study used a controlled, nonrandomized design, where the(More)
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