Cristiana Peano

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This study examined the emissions produced during the pre-farm, farm and post-farm phases of the production cycle of raspberries and giant American whortleberries (blueberries) cultivated in one of the best-adapted areas in northern Italy. The pre-farm phase included the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of plants in the nursery and the(More)
During the last few years, the definition of sustainability and the translation of its general principles into practical and operative tasks have come into the foreground of scientific research and political agendas throughout the world. The understanding and the evaluation of the environmental, social and economic performances of complex agricultural food(More)
In this study, we analysed the environmental profile of the strawberry industry in Northern Italy. The analysis was conducted using two scenarios as reference systems: strawberry crops grown in unheated plastic tunnels using currently existing cultivation techniques, post-harvest management practices and consumption patterns (scenario 1) and the same(More)
In the challenging world of territorial transformations within the agriculture, there is an increasing need for an integrated methodological framework of assessment that is able to reconcile the demand for solutions that are both economically sustainable and contribute to environmental and social improvement. This study aims to assess the introduction of(More)
In recent years, interest in environmental issues has increased and, in particular, it has been firmly established the idea that consumer choices can actually affect the environmental performance of the different production systems. In the fruit and vegetables sector, retailers are among those who have been able to respond more quickly to this challenge,(More)
The growing trend market of fresh products is driven by a consumer oriented to new lifestyles and environmental issues. The berries market in Europe represents a good example of a consumer driven supply chain, due to the capacity to answer all the sequences of the system. To explore the process developed by fruit growers’ associated groups in Italy, the(More)
Italy’s kiwifruit growers are considered to be world-leading players of the past 20 years. However, with this success come its challenges. In the last five years, a bacterial canker of kiwifruit known as Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae (Psa) has caused a dramatic reduction in the size of the areas cultivated, leading to several experienced Piedmontese(More)
Strawberry fruits (cv. Evie2) were stored at 18 ± 1C for 2 days with a biobased and a polypropylene film in a passive and an active modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), and the packages were compared with a control (perfored) film. The effect of MAP on weight loss, color, flesh fruit firmness, soluble solids content, titratable acidity and aroma volatiles(More)
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