Cristiana Laudi

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CONTEXT Computed tomographic (CT) colonography has been recognized as an alternative for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening in average-risk individuals, but less information is available on its performance in individuals at increased risk of CRC. OBJECTIVE To assess the accuracy of CT colonography in detecting advanced colorectal neoplasia in asymptomatic(More)
BACKGROUND Bowel ultrasonography is increasingly used in the detection and follow-up of patients with Crohn's disease, but a limitation to its further diffusion is the lack of standardisation of ultrasonography parameters. AIMS This study aimed to standardise the most common bowel ultrasonography parameters in order to develop an unequivocal imaging(More)
Heavy alcohol consumption has been reported to negatively affect the outcome of interferon therapy. We studied the impact of lifetime alcohol consumption in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with interferon after 6 months of alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol intake was measured when patients with chronic hepatitis C were referred to us for the first time,(More)
OBJECTIVE Abdominal bowel ultrasound (US) is widely used in the management of Crohn's disease (CD). The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic role of bowel-wall US morphology on the short-term risk of surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS The 147 CD patients recruited in a case-control study comprised 49 cases operated on within 30 days after US(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of amantadine in combination with interferon in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. METHODS Multi-centre trial including 180 chronic hepatitis C patients without cirrhosis, randomly enrolled to receive interferon 6 MU every other day for 6 months followed by 3 MU for further 6 months (group A, 90(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to prospectively compare diagnostic performance and time efficiency of a double-reading paradigm in which a first-reader computer-aided detection (CAD) is followed by a fast 2-dimensional review (DR FR-CAD) with those of a double reading with second-reader CAD (SR CAD). MATERIALS AND METHODS The local ethical(More)
BACKGROUND Quantitative determination of pancreatic elastase-1 (E1) in stools has been proposed as a novel, noninvasive test of pancreatic function. The aim of the study was to verify its role in the differential diagnosis of chronic diarrhea. METHODS E1 was measured in spot stool samples of 50 patients with pancreatic disease (PD), 62 with inflammatory(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effect of computer-aided detection (CAD) as a second reader on the sensitivity and specificity of computed tomographic (CT) colonography in detecting 6-9-mm colorectal cancer (CRC) lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS Individuals with clinical indications for colonoscopy--either for symptoms or as part of participating in a surveillance(More)
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