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Many in vitro studies demonstrated significant biological effects of trans-resveratrol. Thus, understanding the rate of intestinal absorption and metabolization in vivo of trans-resveratrol is the prerequisite to evaluate its potential health impact. Bioavailability studies mainly in animals or in humans using the pure compound at very high doses were(More)
The immunomodulating activity of glatiramer acetate on T-cells of multiple sclerosis patients has only been partially clarified. The objective of this work was to investigate whether glatiramer acetate modifies thymic release of newly produced T-cells and the peripheral composition of the T-cell repertoire. T-cell receptor excision circles, (thymic) naive(More)
A genotyping assay was setup to assess the prevalence, in the population of a Northern Italian city, of the C/T-13910 single nucleotide polymorphism, closely associated to lactose malabsorption in many world areas including Sardinia. The results were compared to published Italian data, in order to evaluate the worth of a future validation of the assay for(More)
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